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Everything you need to know about Florida boat insurance

Each and every single year, hundreds of thousands of boat owners need to make the decision on purchasing Florida boat insurance for their oceangoing or water going vessels – into terribly many of them do so as a sort of “go with the flow” kind of decision-making process.

The very last thing you’re going to want to do is spend a ridiculously short amount of time on this decision. After all, we’re talking about one of the biggest investments you’ve ever made here, and if you have cutthroat or cut rate Florida boat insurance and something happens to your boat you’re going to feel every single pinch from then on.

There are a tremendous amount of different Florida boat insurance plans out there according to You’re obviously going to need to make sure that you have invested in the one that suits your vessel, suits your lifestyle, and suits your budget. There are a number of other things that you need to focus on as well.

Hopefully this quick guide gives you the kind of inside information you need to invest in the right boat insurance before you make a disastrous decision, the kind of boat insurance that can protect you from almost any issue that could arise.

Let’s dive right in!

Ask your boating friends what they use for Florida boat insurance

One of the best (and frequently uncapped) resources for Florida boat insurance information would have to be the people that you see down on the docks when you are about to toss off the bow line.

These boating buddies obviously have had to purchase Florida boat insurance for themselves in the past, and they will be able to point you in the right direction. It’s especially good if you can speak with boat owners that have had specific insurance for years and years (a decade or more is even better), but the best resources are going to be those that have had to place an insurance claim in the past.

Not only are you going to get an idea about the elite levels of protection offered to Florida boat owners from those people that have had to make an insurance claim, but you’re also going to know which companies stood by their client and provided them with the protection that they had been paying for – and which companies you should avoid like the plague.

This is the kind of “inside information” that you simply would not have had access to otherwise, the kind of information that is all but impossible to receive unless you are talking to real people, with real experiences, that are more than happy to help.

Don’t be afraid of asking your boating buddies about their Florida boat insurance and their boat insurance experiences. You may be shocked and surprised at the answers that you receive, but that’s much better than being shocked and surprised at other response from the boat insurance you paid for.

Customer service is critical in selecting your FL boat insurance

Though you’ll obviously want to look closely at the boat insurance policy and the amount of money that you’ll need to spend to protect your investment, you also need to look closely at the caliber of people that the insurance company has hired.

Frequently, when you are just getting ready to sign on the dotted line – and before you have become a client – you will be exposed to the bright shining stars of a company, only to be shown the “less than stellar” support staff when you need to make an insurance claim.

This is just human nature, with companies wanting to put their best foot forward so that they are represented in the best possible light, but it certainly is (at least a little bit) deceptive as well.

Don’t be afraid of mystery shopping your Florida boat insurance company for you sign on the dotted line, acting as though you had a claim to make just to dry run the support staff and see how they would treat you if you had issues down the line.

Sure, this is a little bit deceptive as well, but it may end up saving you thousands and thousands of dollars (hundreds of dollars, even) in the future – and it’s a little white lie that you should be more than comfortable moving forward with.

Reputation is absolutely everything

The other thing that you’re really going to want to focus on when you investing in Florida boat insurance is the reputation in the boating community for that insurance company.

Obviously, you’re going to need to wade through the more disparaging remarks about insurance in general – there aren’t too terribly many people that jump for joy when they get to make an insurance payment – but if you can stay on the level you are certain to talk to people that have glowing things to say about specific insurance companies.

Not only should you be paying attention to the great reputations that some companies hold in the Florida voting community, but you should be paying a special amount of attention to the insurance companies in this same community that don’t have the same kind of high marks, if you will. These are the companies that you should do absolutely everything in your power to avoid at all costs – less you get burned in a similar fashion.

Closing thoughts

Florida boating insurance can feel like a bit of a challenge to invest in, but it’s one of the smarter decisions you can make. Obviously, you’ll want to take just as much time as humanly possible to make the right decision. Don’t be afraid of pulling the trigger when you stumble upon that elite level surface or plan at

Paying close attention to the information above, going with your gut, and working through as much research and due diligence as possible is going to give you the very best chance of success moving forward.

What is Florida no fault insurance?

Car insurance is a product and service that almost everyone needs at some point in their lives, but is the kind of purchase that almost all of us would rather not have to make – at least not on our own, anyways.

This is because there are a lot of Florida car insurance companies out there that will do pretty much anything, say pretty much anything, and promise pretty much anything just to get us to sign on the dotted line and become a customer of theirs.

Well, a lot of people are fed up with that kind of modern-day snake oil operation, and are instead looking to secure the best car insurance for their needs without breaking the bank were working with a bunch of weasels.

Here’s how to protect your vehicle with the right car insurance while making sure that you take advantage of options like Florida no-fault insurance from There are benefits to give you the complete and comprehensive package you’ve been searching for.

Different vehicles require different no-fault coverage

First of all, it’s important that you understand that different vehicles (and different driving habits, different driving records, and even your age) will come into play when it comes time to purchase car insurance and Florida no-fault insurance packages.

Though you might feel like you are a picture-perfect driver and someone that is pretty safe behind the wheel, your driving record may not be so squeaky clean – and that’s okay. You also might be purchasing a brand-new vehicle that falls under the “luxury car” designation, a designation that will require you to spend more money on your auto insurance and Florida no-fault insurance just because of the make and model.

Understanding this ahead of time puts you a step or two ahead of the game though. Once you know that this is coming, you’ll be able to better negotiate different deals and discounts then you would have been able to in the past.

Always opt for more coverage than you think you’ll need

Secondly (and paradoxically), you’re probably going to want to spend more money than you think you should on coverage that you may not really need – but it’s always better to have a bit more insurance than just a bit too little.

Getting the right Florida no-fault insurance quote from will protect you in just about any situation. Even if your previous Florida car insurance would not have. Just make sure that you aren’t blowing your budget, and that you’ll be able to meet your monthly payments and you won’t have any real issues at all.

Invest in your insurance, don’t just spend money on it

Lastly, begin to think of your Florida car insurance and your Florida no-fault insurance not as something that you need to spend or waste money, but instead a very important investment in your future and your security. You certainly don’t want to find yourself in an emergency situation with coverage that doesn’t “cut the mustard”.

Is it mandatory to have homeowners insurance in Florida?

Is it mandatory to have homeowners insurance in Florida? Many FL residents ask the same question when it comes time to shop for a policy. In fact, its a commonly asked question. If you are one of the 70% of Americans out there who finance their home with a mortgage, your lender will require you to purchase coverage. So even though there’s not a specific law dedicated to home coverage, its definitely necessary.

Why is coverage necessary? Well, until you have completely paid off home loan, your mortgage company owns a part of your home. So they will want to prevent any damages that could decrease the value of your home.

Florida homeowners insurance according to helps cover unforeseen disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, and other perils. Your policy will help cover repairs, so your home can stay in perfect condition.

Reasons why you need FL homeowners insurance

So if you don’t have a mortgage and think its okay to go without coverage, here are few reasons why you are completely wrong.

If you don’t have the money to rebuild your home completely out of pocket

For almost everyone, your home is your largest investment in life. Its definitely worth more than your savings. Without proper coverage from, if you needed to rebuild your home expect to pay for that out of your pocket. Doesn’t sound fun, right?

If you have expensive valuables that you to provide protection for

If you have family heirlooms, expensive electronics, and jewelry then you will want to provide the best protection for them as well. No one wants to go through the devastation of losing these items.

Aren’t you worried about potential lawsuits? There is always a risk of guests getting hurt while visiting your home. This is even more true if you have a swimming pool or a trampoline. Don’t let mishaps like this drain your bank account. If you are found liable and get sued, then you could be hit with outrageous medical bills and could potentially lose everything you have.

Peace of mind is everything.  Who doesn’t want to live peacefully without worry? Eliminate the worry of losing your home to the unknown with homeowners insurance in Florida.

Just because homeowners coverage in FL from is not mandatory, doesn’t mean you should go without it. In fact, its strongly recommended to purchase a policy. Do not go risking everything you have by not purchasing a policy.

With such a high disaster in Florida you would be simply crazy not have protection. Stop waiting! Start researching policies that would best fit your needs. In the end, you will be glad you purchased a policy.